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Due to unforeseen personal issues, I have decided to stop taking Cake Pop orders at this time. I will fill the orders that were already placed before today. Please don’t worry I will return to business as soon as possible.  Be sure to stay tuned for more tips and tricks. I’ll even be posting a few new ideas here and there. I love all of you and am blessed to have such wonderful fans! :)

I received this email from a client. It made me so overwhelmed with joy that I thought, I would share it with all of you. This is the part of my job I love the most. When I can make someone’s special day, that much better.


Dear Leilani,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the unique and extremely special addition you brought to our wedding weekend!  Our bride, Hao, was so delightfully surprised when she first saw the cake pops at her bridal shower.  Right away she said, “I want those on my wedding cake!!!!”  Well, my daughter Kim, who had been asked to decorate a plain white Costco sheet cake in Hello Kitty style, already had this in mind.  I think the finished result was perfect for them!  They loved it!

So bless you for your incredible touch on our day.  They not only turned out better than I could have hoped for but they were INCREDIBLY delicious as well!!!!

May God bless your business!!!   Karen Cook”



Do you love to make cake pops? Are you discouraged by how time consuming they can be to make? Do you hate how you have to roll each one by hand?? Have you ever wanted to make 100′s of Cake Pops at a time but didn’t think you could? Well Jennifer Cucci has made a devise to help with all those things. Here is alittle about Jennifer and her Easy Roller. Also There is a short Youtube video to show you how this actually works I have included her link if you want to buy one. Make sure to let her know you heard it from me. :) :)

“My name is Jennifer Cucci and I’m the developer of the Easy Roller.  Like most great tools, the Easy Roller was developed out of personal need.  You see my journey began as a Cake Popper, those delicious treats that have started to take over the nation.  Just months ago you were hard pressed to find someone who knew what cake pops were, let alone companies making them. Now, they are “popping” up in every bakeshop, supermarket and coffee house. The cake pop craze was becoming mainstream and as orders accumulated; I reached my productivity capacity and was feeling the rolling pain in my hands.  I searched for a machine that would relieve my pain (literally and figuratively), I couldn’t find one that did the job.  My search continually came up empty, desperate to find an “easier way”, I decided to build one myself.  Over several months and through trial and error with different materials and processes, the Easy Roller was born.  Content with developing the product for myself I soon discovered that ALL of my baking peers shared my same need and would benefit from this time saving device.  I learned in some cases shops were declining to make cake pops due to the amount of effort involved, literally throwing business away.  The real value of my product is its simplicity.  It reduces your labor, increases your productivity, creates product consistency but more importantly ELIMINATES the fear of growing your business, by making the rolling easy, hence the name the EASY ROLLER.”

Easy Roller

I wish someone would tell me how to take better pictures :)
















Classic Red and White

Frog Town

Navy Seabees


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First, I want to thank  everyone  for your support in all my contests. You truly are the best fans.

Congratulations to JESSICA LICEA. She has won a  gift certificate to Toni and Guy and a copy of the Cake Pops Cookbook from Bakerella!

The other day I was getting my hair done at Toni&Guy and my hair dresser told me this beautiful romantic love story, and it included sweets. Whats better then that? Here is their story.

I never thought I’d love anything more than dessert, but when I met Andrew, I realized I was wrong. Of course, our most cherished memories still involve dessert. First date: Talking for hours over Hot Cocoa. Our first “I love you,” softly said over a chocolate sundae. The proposal: after taking a bite of my Almond Rocha Delight, he asked, “Do you love me more than this dessert?” “Yes” I answered. “Enough to spend the rest of your life with me?” “Absolutely!” That moment…the best dessert ever!

They entered this dream wedding package through Crate & Barrel and they need our help to get in the top 100. They only need about 700 more votes. That should be easy for us, right ??

It’s simple, all you have to do is click on this link HERE. Log-in using your face book account and vote. After you vote send me an email to Leilani@cakepops.org so I can enter you into a drawing for a gift certificate to Toni&Guy and Bakerella’s Cake Pop book! Easy huh? Click the link and vote. Let’s help make their dream wedding come true. We have until April 30th!

Lauren Yoder is the winner of the 500 Facebook fan give away. She has won either a dozen specialty pops or Bakerella’s Cake Pop cookbook. It is her choice ladies and gentlemen. :) Thank you all for following and supporting this blog. I appreciate all your comments and feed back. Stay tuned for the next contest as well as tips and tricks!