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May 18th, 2010

This was our first true weekend of making money with Cake Pops. Praises to God for all the business He sent our way. We originally had two orders on the calendar, a little girls cupcake on a stick party and a little boys batman party. Thursday afternoon we got a call for an order of cheesecake pops and an order for 2 dozen softball look-a-likes, both for that Friday night. Yes, less then 24 hours, but what do you do when you are trying to start a business?? You just say yes. Business is business, right?

Needless to say I ran home from work that Thursday and made four cakes. Two chocolate fudge and two birthday confetti cakes. I called my partner in crime Kate and begged her to make a cheesecake that night. After all four of my cakes cooled, I got to work mixing the frosting. After sticking the cake/frosting mixture in the frig to cool, I realized I didn’t have enough candy coating, sticks, and cake boxes for the two new orders. I then packed the girls in the car and headed to Deco Supply. Like always Rosie had all the supplies we needed to get the jobs complete. We worked until about midnight finishing  up the cupcake Cake Pops. We also made up the softball Cake Pops, this way all I had to do Friday was dip them in the candy coating and place the softball threads on.

Friday, I opened at Starbucks, I came straight home to pick up all my supplies and head to Kate’s to finish the remaining Cake Pops. At Kate’s house we were able to dip all the softballs before I had to leave and pick up my daughters from daycare. On my way back to Kate’s house I delivered the cupcake Cake Pops, then I packed the girls up again and headed back to Kate’s.  With Kate’s Great knowledge of cake decorating she was able to draw the threads of the softball on each pop. With two orders under our belt we got right to work on the Cheesecake Pops. At this point my adrenaline is pumping so hard I thought I might faint. It was then I remembered I needed some water. After my nice cold glass of water, I turned to my daughters and thanked them for being so good. I then explained to them, mommy really needed to get these Cake Pops done so they could go to college some day. ;)

I started to panic when we began the Cheesecake Pops, the cheesecake was very soft and I was afraid it wouldn’t stick to the lollipop sticks. We couldn’t get them to roll into a ball shape. At this point it’s about 2:30pm and these are suppose to be ready by 5pm. So I start thinking out loud, asking myself how we can save these????? Then it hits me, Freeze um’ Leilani. That’s just what we did, we jabbed lolliopop sticks in them, and froze them. After about 3o-45 min We started right in on the Cheesecakes, freezing them totally worked. Thank you Lord! We started dipping them right away then applied the final touches, box them up and jump in the car to do a home delivery. By this time my loving husband had picked up our two little girls, and I feel like I might black out. Oh yeah, I still have not eaten a thing.

The next day is Saturday and we have one order to fill. Batman. We decide to make the Cake Pops yellow round balls with little black batman symbols in the middle. Super cute. I’m a wife and a mom and there is such a thing as laundry, I couldn’t get to them until about 3pm. So at three I finally got to roll out the Cake Pops and dip them. About 6pm I packed everything up and headed to Kate’s house to apply the batman symbols. She is a very creative person. We were up til about midnight finishing all the little important details. I got up at  9am the next day to deliver the batman Cake Pops and head to church. After church I told my husband I have a date with the couch and slept for five hours. All that craziness, but we made it and had fun most of the way. Everyone loved all the Cake Pops so I feel like mission accomplished.

Freezing cheesecake really helps.
Less is more when it comes to frosting.
Start with dark chocolate when trying to make black candy coating
Its much easier to use tweezers when removing candy melts design from wax paper. The body heat from your hands melt them… Who knew..??

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